The Future Favors the Prepared Mind

Paragraph one will be a description of the need for cyber security as a whole, with a few linked statistics regarding recent events.

Paragraph two will be a description of the “Cybersecurity Supply / Demand Heat Map” on the national level and southeast region, with links to appropriate statistics.

Paragraph three will be a description of the NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Frame with a few relevant links.

The section will close with the “experience quote” and a call to action to become a part of the training mission.


Cyber Security Certification Training

Classroom Instruction

A description of our training center classroom, the benefits of classroom training, and a link to the "training center" page nested in the "about" section of the top level navigation

Online Instruction

A description of the WebEx training, the cost benefits to organizations, and convenience of the training. Will include a link to the "training center" page as well (Gwinnett Room)

Customized Courses

Will promote the instructional design capabilities of Phase2, and describe the ability to deliver customized courses at the client location, training center or online

Cyber Security Consulting Services

IT Risk Management
and Compliance

A brief description of cyber security frameworks (HIPAA, PCI-DSS, NIST RMF) and compliance objectives. 

End with the “out-fight / out-think” quote and a call to action (schedule a consultation).

IT Business Continuity
and Disaster Response

A brief description of the need for planning and preparation for disruptions, focusing primarily on aligning with the business process. 

Emphasis must be on benefits, savings and growth as opposed to fear, uncertainty, and dread.

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