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Phase2 Advantage is an instructional design and publishing company based in Savannah, Georgia, focused on the development of cybersecurity training curricula. The textbooks and immersive lab programs offered by the company are structured to meet the specific needs of clients, making them 100% relevant to organizational outcomes and directly aligned to a practical implementation within the cybersecurity and information security industries.

Phase2 Advantage provides a wide range of supporting services to sectors including academic institutions, corporate and business enterprises, and government agencies. These services include the creation of instructor training resources for courses, mapping curriculum requirements to course content, and training organizational staff on the use of critical and cutting-edge tools required to reinforce theories presented in lecture topics with immersive and engaging lab exercises.

Since its founding in 2014, Phase2 Advantage has extended its development, service, and training operations to more than 18 countries around the globe. Working directly with its industry partners, the company continues to expand its academic offerings to emerging and established undergraduate and graduate cybersecurity programs.

Recent Graduate Spotlight: Jeffrey Jacques

Phase2 Advantage is honored to congratulate Jeffrey Jacques, a veteran of the United States Air Force, for successfully passing the Certified Cyber Incident Response Manager course on 01 OCT 2021.

We also appreciate Jeff’s supportive feedback regarding the training: “The patterns of thought/actions (strategy wins the game!) laid out in your book/online resources for this course will undoubtedly benefit any serious practitioner operating within the realm of incident response.”

Jeff has dedicated over 20 years of service to his country in numerous capacities such as Cyber Project Manager, Senior Cyber Strategist, and an Instructor Supervisor. 

We would also like to thank the Military Cyber Professionals Association and Savannah Technical College for helping to make this opportunity possible.

Self-Study Cybersecurity Courses
Ask us about our discounts for Organizational Groups and the Military Affiliate community.

Phase2 Advantage has partnered with Savannah Technical College to offer several self-study cybersecurity courses for individuals who are not able to attend classroom-based certification programs. This format allows students to learn at their own pace, in a comfortable environment, and receive a 60% discount off classroom-based courses.  Enrolled students will have access to the Savannah Technical College Learning Management System for their course.

Certified Network Defense and Investigations Specialist

Self-Study Online Training

Network Defense Course Description

As digital crime increases exponentially, the need for investigative expertise in both government and civilian sectors has increased proportionally as well. The Network Defense and Investigations course provides students with methods and strategies to mitigate incident damage with efficient and effective response procedures, acquire crucial evidence in a forensically sound manner, identify and analyze the recovered evidence for relevant facts, and document and report details of the investigation in a manner consistent with professional industry standards.  In many cases, the cybersecurity professional must also be prepared to offer expert witness testimony in civil and legal venues.

Consisting of 14 detailed chapters designed to align to academic calendars, students are presented with topics such as Enterprise Network Devices and Services, Identity and Access Management, Biometric Security, Evidence Collection and Chain of Custody, Data Analysis, and Reporting and Documentation requirements. Immersive learning labs utilize the Project Ares® Cyber Range and Wireshark network protocol analyzer software.

Students should have knowledge of basic networking and TCP/IP protocols.  A minimum of 12 months of work experience in the Information Security field or equivalent study is suggested.

Certified Cybersecurity Defense and Operations Specialist

Self-Study Online Training

Cybersecurity Defense Course Description

Organizations face ongoing threats to their information technology infrastructure on a daily basis. These security struggles need to be approached with modern techniques, a holistic view of security, and a diverse body of knowledge. With the proper tools and training, specialists in the Information Security and Cybersecurity fields will be much more capable of finding success within their roles.

The Cybersecurity Defense and Operations course brings cybersecurity core competencies to advanced levels with new concepts and traditional best practices. Using 14 detailed chapters designed to align with academic calendars, students will be provided with the knowledge and context needed to successfully manage the security of their technical environments.

Focusing on the Information Security concerns of today, students will cover topics such as Cloud Security, Threat Intelligence Analysis, Vulnerability Management, Biometric Systems, Incident Response, Securing Systems with Cryptography, and the NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework. Immersive learning labs utilize the Project Ares® Cyber Range and Wireshark network protocol analyzer software.

Students should have knowledge of basic networking and TCP/IP protocols.

Certified Disaster Response and Recovery Specialist

Self-Study Online Training

Disaster Response Course Description

Business Continuity and Disaster Response and Recovery is the development of processes, policies, and procedures that prepare for and react to significant and unplanned operational disruptions. The Disaster Response and Recovery Specialist certification course prepares students successfully manage Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery missions.

Facing daily risks to long-term success from a wide range of threats — cyber-attacks, human error, technical failures, and natural disasters — businesses must create practical plans to sustain their vital operations, security posture, industry reputation, and brand.

Using 14 detailed chapters designed to align with academic calendars, students will cover critical topics such as BCP Design, Risk Management Frameworks, Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis, Asset Inventories and Resource Profiles, Recovery Site Workflows, Cloud Computing Agreements, Cloud Security, and Legal Requirements of Cloud Storage Solutions.

Immersive learning labs include Business Impact Analysis case studies and Risk Assessment exercises.  There are no prerequisites for this certification course.

Certified Incident Investigations and Response Specialist

Self-Study Online Training

Incident Investigations Course Description

As organizations continue to rely on expanding infrastructure in an increasingly hostile threat landscape, the escalation of incidents involving malicious actors poses critical risks to information systems and networks. The ability to identify threats, respond to incidents, restore systems, and enhance security postures is vital to the survival of the operation. The Incident Investigations and Response Specialist course brings Incident Response core competencies to advanced levels by presenting students with 14 detailed chapters designed to align with academic calendars.

Students will be provided with the knowledge and the practical skills needed to investigate and respond to network and system incidents. With a specific focus on the identification and remediation of incidents involving host and network devices, students will cover topics such as The Incident Response Life Cycle, Indicators of Compromise, Investigative Techniques, Threat Intelligence Collection, and Remediation Strategies. Immersive learning labs utilize the Project Ares® Cyber Range and Wireshark network protocol analyzer software.

A minimum of 12 months of work experience or equivalent study in the Information Security field is suggested. Students should have knowledge of basic networking and TCP/IP protocols.

The 2021 Textbook Team is Assembled!

The first four academic textbooks of the 8-part Practical Cybersecurity Series have now been released and are available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and all major booksellers.  The 2021 releases include Network Defense and Investigations, Incident Investigations and Response, Cybersecurity Defense and Operations, and Disaster Response and Recovery.  Click the graphics below to purchase the textbooks on Amazon, or visit our Course Textbooks page to view more information.

Phase2 Advantage Textbooks are Available on Ingram's VitalSource Academic Platform

Phase2 Advantage has partnered with VitalSource’s digital content publishing platform to offer cybersecurity textbooks and immersive labs to students around the globe. VitalSource, a subsidiary of the Ingram Content Group (Ingram Publishing), provides digital academic resources to over 12,000 academic institutions around the globe in support of their academic degree and professional development programs.

If your institution utilizes the VitalSource platform, access your VitalSource Management Portal to add Phase2 Advantage cybersecurity textbooks from our Practical Cybersecurity Series to your Library. Sampling has been enabled for all eligible faculty and staff.




Project Ares® Cybersecurity Labs

Project Ares® Cybersecurity Labs

Project Ares® provides individuals with the opportunity to practice skills and hone tactics in real-time via a next generation online gaming platform using realistic, mission-specific virtual environments.




The Battle School combines four leading edge technologies: Virtualized Networks, Gamification, Cybersecurity, and Artificial Intelligence into a next generation training environment.  LEARN MORE

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