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Phase2 Advantage is an instructional design and publishing company based in Savannah, Georgia, focused on the development of cybersecurity training curricula. The textbooks and immersive lab programs offered by the company are structured to meet the specific needs of clients, making them 100% relevant to organizational outcomes and directly aligned to a practical implementation within the cybersecurity and information security industries.

Phase2 Advantage provides a wide range of supporting services to sectors including academic institutions, corporate and business enterprises, and government agencies. These services include the creation of instructor training resources for courses, mapping curriculum requirements to course content, and training organizational staff on the use of critical and cutting-edge tools required to reinforce theories presented in lecture topics with immersive and engaging lab exercises.

Since its founding in 2014, Phase2 Advantage has extended its development, service, and training operations to more than 18 countries around the globe. Working directly with its industry partners, the company continues to expand its academic offerings to emerging and established undergraduate and graduate cybersecurity programs.

The Academic Textbook Team has Launched!

The first four academic textbooks of the 8-part Practical Cybersecurity Series have now been released and are available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and all major booksellers.  The textbooks available in 2022 include Network Defense and Investigations, Incident Investigations and Response, Cybersecurity Defense and Operations, and Disaster Response and Recovery.  Click the graphics to view the textbooks on Amazon, or visit our Course Textbooks page to view more information.

Phase2 Advantage Textbooks are Available on Ingram's VitalSource Academic Platform

Phase2 Advantage has partnered with VitalSource’s digital content publishing platform to offer cybersecurity textbooks and immersive labs to students around the globe. VitalSource, a subsidiary of the Ingram Content Group (Ingram Publishing), provides digital academic resources to over 12,000 academic institutions around the globe in support of their academic degree and professional development programs.

If your institution utilizes the VitalSource platform, access your VitalSource Management Portal to add Phase2 Advantage cybersecurity textbooks from our Practical Cybersecurity Series to your Library. Sampling has been enabled for all eligible faculty and staff.

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