Phase2 Advantage Cybersecurity and Certifications
Biometric Keystroke Dynamics

Keystroke Dynamics: The Benefits of Behavioral Biometrics

Keystroke dynamics is the detailed timing information which describes when each key was pressed and when it was released. This method is considered to be a “behavioral biometric” that measures an individuals’ manner and rhythm of typing and uses the data to create a template of the unique typing pattern. The dwell time (amount of…

Handling Malware

7 Tips to Reduce the Risk of Handling Malware

Many people call any program that an attacker uses to their advantage, including publicly available tools, “malware.” That is not a good practice as the term “malware” is far too generic and makes its handling much riskier than needed. Further categorizing the malware better identifies the attackers’ goals and answers the question, “What does the…