Avoiding Risks When Handling Malware Samples

Malware triage and handling is a risky undertaking that should be performed by trained specialists in the proper environment and only when necessary. Analysis of unknown files and known malware both pose significant risks. Investigators can unknowingly infect their systems—and the systems of others—and cause extensive damage.

5 Tips for Passing Your Phase2 Advantage Certification Exam

5 Tips for Passing Your Phase2 Advantage Certification Exam

Test anxiety and performance stress are natural for students taking comprehensive cybersecurity certification exams. In response to numerous student emails enrolled in our training programs, we created this “tips and tricks” video to help them manage and alleviate their stress.

Professional Firearm Training and the Tactical Shooter Mindset

Target shooting and tactical shooting are very similar at first glance but differ significantly when considering the shooter’s mindset. Both take skill and training – lots of it. However, the training is markedly different because of decisions and considerations that must be made in the two separate environments.