Cybersecurity Certification Exams

Certification Exam

At the conclusion of each Phase2 Advantage cybersecurity course, students will be prepared to sit for the certification exam. The online examination will consist of 100 True/False, Multiple Choice, and Fill in the Blank questions. The exam may be taken at any time within 3 months of completing the certification course.

Students will have two hours to complete the computer-based examination in our Learning Management System. A score of 70% or higher is required to earn the certification. Upon successful completion of the exam, students will receive a copy of their certification and CPE credit document by email with 72 hours in PDF format.

Students will be allowed to use their notes on content presented during the course as well as their course study materials but will not be allowed to access external resources online.

Accessing the Exam in the Learning Management System

Once you have signed in to the Learning Management System the “Certification Exam” link can be found in the left navigation pane. Follow the instructions below to access and take your exam.

1: Click the “Certification Exam” link
2: Click the next “Course Certification Exam” link
3: Read the exam description and instructions for taking the exam
4: Click the second “Course Certification Exam” link
5: Click “Begin” to start the certification exam

Once the exam has been started it cannot be paused or stopped. The exam will “force complete” (time out and stop) after 120 minutes. When the exam is completed, the time and exam score will be displayed automatically on the next screen. Once you have been provided with the final score, please email your instructor who will access the LMS and verify your exam score.

Exam Navigation

Tips for Passing the Certification Exam

Dress Comfortably: Uncomfortable clothing (too hot or cold) creates an unnecessary distraction.

Have the Training Materials: You are allowed to use them during the test; have them within reach.

Read the Exam Prep Guide: All the exam questions are created from content in your reading materials.

Review the Lecture Slides: Print the slides and make notes on them as needed for exam reference.

Take the Domain Quizzes: Take the quizzes as many times as needed to master the domain content.

Use the Study Time Allowed: You have 3 months to take the exam after the completion of the class; use it if needed.

Do NOT Stress the Time Clock: Focus on the test, not the time. Two hours is plenty of time to finish the exam and do well.

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