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Classroom-Based Courses

Classroom-Based  courses will resume in January 2023 after the holiday season.  These courses can be offered to groups of six (6) students or more as needed, separate from those courses listed on the public training calendar.  For more information, please contact Phase2 at (912) 335-2217 if you represent a group requiring training on specific dates and at specific times.

Cyber Incident Response and Remediation Strategies

Classroom-Based Course

Introduction to Cyber Incident Response and Remediation Strategies

As organizations rely on expanding infrastructure in an increasingly hostile threat landscape, the escalation of incidents poses critical risks to information systems and networks. The ability to identify threats and respond to incidents is vital to the survival of the operation.

The Introduction to Cyber Incident Response and Remediation Strategies course addresses the critical topics and skills needed to identify and response to a variety of network incidents. Students will be presented with knowledge of core foundational principles such as The Incident Response Life Cycle, Indicators of Compromise, Investigative Techniques, Threat Intelligence Collection, Containment of Malicious Actors, Considerations for Effective Remediation, and steps to ensure complete eradication of the incident.

The target audience for this textbook includes Threat Assessment Analysts, Network Security professionals, Information Security students, and Blue Team professionals employed by Security Operations Centers.

NICE Cybersecurity Framework Alignment

NICE Cybersecurity Framework

This Phase2 Advantage course is a component of the career progression track that supports the required Categories, Specialty Areas and Work Roles as defined by the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) Cybersecurity Workforce Framework.  It provides a common language to speak about cyber roles and jobs and can be referenced to define professional requirements in cybersecurity.

Course Chapter Outline

01: The Incident Response and Attack Life Cycles
02: Understanding the Modern Threat Landscape
03: Creating an Effective Incident Response Capability
04: Investigative Preparation and Implementation
05: Vulnerability Assessment and Management
06: Identifying Network and System Baselines
07: Indicators of Compromise and Threat Identification

08: Threat Intelligence Collection and Analysis
09: Overview of Data Forensics and Analysis
10: Host-Based Data Collection Practices
11: Network-Based Data Collection Practices
12: Static and Dynamic Malware Triage
13: Containment, Remediation, and Eradication Strategies
14: Reporting, Lessons Learned, and Testing Scenarios

Partnership and Affiliation with the Technical College System of Georgia

Phase2 Advantage has partnered with Savannah Technical College and the Technical College System of Georgia to offer several cybersecurity courses for individuals who wish to pursue certification programs and enhance their career opportunities. Formats for training include classroom, instructor-led online, and self-paced training. For more information, please contact Savannah Technical College at (912) 443-3012 or by email at

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