Certification Track: Cybersecurity Course Progression

The cybersecurity courses offered by Phase2 Advantage have been designed to provide students with a body of knowledge that is cumulative in nature.  Each course in the track will provide the experiential knowledge and skills to successfully complete the next certification in the progression.  Following the certification track is not required but it is strongly encouraged.

Certified Cybercrime Investigation Specialist


Certified Cybercrime Investigation Specialist

Cybercrime investigators are a critical resource for any organization faced with criminal activities in their sphere of operation. The ability to identify and investigate malicious actors in both physical and digital environments requires unique training and knowledge that provides significant value to the government, law enforcement, and corporate entities which employ such professional investigators. As the volume and variety of cybercrime activity continues to escalate, highly skilled investigators will continue to be viewed as critical assets capable of providing defensive and competitive advantage to any industry in which they serve.

The field of cybercrime investigation is complex and multifaceted by nature and demands a wide range of skill sets be mastered by its practitioners. Criminal activity is becoming increasingly more sophisticated and negatively impacts every industry that exists. In an age of specialization, the cybercrime investigator must be able to view challenging situations through a lens which is simultaneously strategic, operational, and tactical to engage and defeat the threats posed by criminal activities.

The Certified Cybercrime Investigations Specialist course provides students with a strong foundation of introductory knowledge in topics such as Digital Crimes, Cyber Law, Investigative Methodologies, Evidence Collection, and considerations for conducting Dark Web investigations. Students will be prepared for the threat hunting, target modeling, and threat analysis concepts presented in the next course in the track.

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Partnership and Affiliation with the Technical College System of Georgia

Phase2 Advantage has partnered with Savannah Technical College and the Technical College System of Georgia to offer several cybersecurity courses for individuals who wish to pursue certification programs and enhance their career opportunities. Formats for training include classroom, instructor-led online, and self-paced training. For more information, please contact Savannah Technical College at (912) 443-3012 or by email at continuinged@savannahtech.edu.

Project Ares® Labs by Circadence

Project Ares offers realistic scenarios wrapped in gamification! It is the preferred platform for teaching and training institutions worldwide, backed by comprehensive offensive and defensive cybersecurity labs. Project Ares is an award-winning platform of hands-on cyber security labs that enhance competency-based education. For practical experience that is as true-to-life as it gets, Project Ares labs include authentic security tools in immersive scenarios on a cyber range.

Project Ares Cyber Labs
The Project Ares Interface
Project Ares Cyber Labs
Battle Rooms and Training Scenarios
Project Ares Cyber Labs
Red and Blue Team Missions

About the Course Instructors

The Phase2 Advantage instructors responsible for developing and teaching the Certified Threat Intelligence Analysis Manager course are current and former military personnel and graduates of the U.S. Army’s Intelligence Center of Excellence at Fort Huachuca in Arizona. Their combined backgrounds and experience bring over 40 years of training from the military and government into the classroom, 20 years of cybersecurity experience in the civilian sector, and more than 50 cybersecurity and intelligence certifications from the military, government, and private sectors.

For more information regarding these instructors, please visit the ABOUT US page to view a brief overview of their backgrounds and experience.

Certification Course Outline

01: Conducting Formal Cybercrime Investigations
02: Common Categories of Modern Cybercrimes
03: The Strengths and Limitations of Cyber Laws
04: The Role and Function of Computer Forensics
05: Securing and Processing the Digital Crime Scene
06: Chain of Custody for Digital Evidence
07: Legal Considerations for Digital Evidence

08: Conducting Suspect and Witness Interviews
09: Identifying and Interpreting Non-Verbal Communication
10: Case Documentation and Team Notes
11: Best Practices for Writing Investigative Reports
12: An Overview of the Court Trial Process
13: Presenting Exhibits in Legal Proceedings
14: Mastering the Skills of Courtroom Testimony


Savannah, GA


Exam Included


40 Hours




5 Days / 40 Hours

NICE Cybersecurity Framework Alignment

NICE Cybersecurity Framework

This Phase2 Advantage course is a component of the career progression track that supports the required Categories, Specialty Areas and Work Roles as defined by the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) Cybersecurity Workforce Framework.  It provides a common language to speak about cyber roles and jobs and can be referenced to define professional requirements in cybersecurity.

Registering for cybersecurity courses is QUICK and EASY.

1. Select your certification course.
2. Register for the course.
3. You will be given access to all course materials.
Materials include: digital textbooks, practice quizzes, lecture slides, 32-hour CPE credit certificate, and the certification exam.
4. Pass your certification exam.

5. Your certification and CPE credit certificate will be emailed to you in PDF format.

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