Samples of Client Testimonials

Phase2 Advantage is a training and certification company based in Savannah, Georgia, focused on providing a wide range of cybersecurity services to sectors including law enforcement agencies, military and government, and academic institutions. Since its founding in 2014, Phase2 Advantage has extended its operations to more than 18 countries. Working directly with its industry partners, the company continues to expand its training programs to emerging and established cybersecurity programs. Listed below are samples of client testimonials provided to our company during the last 8 years.

Raytheon Emirates

“On behalf of Raytheon Emirates, we want to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation for contributing to the success of our Internship Program. Your valuable insight and experience will without a doubt encourage more young students to pursue their dreams and realize their potential. Thank you once again for being part of our Internship Program and taking the time to inspire others.”

Alan L. Davis
Chief Executive, Raytheon Emirates (UAE)

Project Ares by Circadence

“Circadence relies on Phase2 Advantage to ensure successful learning journeys for our clients in education and enterprise verticals. Circadence has engaged Phase2 Advantage on multiple occasions to create cybersecurity training courses, instructor teaching aids, and learner materials for our customers both domestically in the United States and internationally. The level of subject matter expertise and the quality of outcomes that Phase2 Advantage produces is exceptional. I highly recommend Phase2 Advantage’s courses and services. Phase2 Advantage will quickly become a committed extension of your cybersecurity team and your go to resource for achieving your learning objectives and upskilling your cybersecurity workforce.”

Laurie Webb-DesJardins
Director Global Partnerships

Testimonial 02 - Murillo Leadership Group

“The Murillo Leadership Group considers Phase2 Advantage a critical strategic partner in our Workforce Development & Career Consulting to information technology organizations, cybersecurity practices, and both current and would-be cybersecurity professionals throughout the United States.  Phase2 Advantage’s philosophy, offerings and delivery methods successfully help clients meet current needs while preparing for the future. The long-term ROI for consistently closing critical performance gaps effectively, while helping ambitious professionals upskill and deliver greater value along their career paths, is often incalculable.”

Jason J. Murillo
Founder, Murillo Leadership Group

Testimonial 01 - Savannah Technical College

“Phase2 Advantage training materials are high quality content developed in alignment with the expectations and requirements of national standards in cybersecurity workforce skills. The materials while innovative and attractive are also focused on skills development and meeting the needs of the student to be successful in doing the work that is needed in cyber positions from day one of hiring.  We are excited to work with Phase2 Advantage and look forward to a long partnership in training the cybersecurity workforce for years to come.”

Scott C. Scheidt
Savannah Technical College, Cybersecurity Workforce Education Center

Testimonial 03 - American Initiatives for Military Support

“When critically needed, Phase2 Advantage offered rarely seen, unique educational opportunities. Since then Phase2 has provided countless transitioning personnel the foundation of meaningful, purpose-driven, lucrative careers they might not otherwise have found in the civilian workplace. And conversely, both public and private sectors have benefitted from their cybersecurity defensive skill and commitment to continually honing their craft.  Multi-cultural sensitivity, global reach, and long-standing relationships across academia amplify every aspect of Phase2 Advantage’s competency.”

Nicole M. “Nicci” Eisenhauer
President, American Initiatives for Military Support

Testimonial 04 - Cyberarms

“I believe that the Phase2 Advantage cybersecurity courses, especially those which include the Project Ares® labs that present students with real-world cyber-attacks and response scenarios, can well equip individuals with the technical capabilities required to enter the cybersecurity workforce with a high level of confidence and proficiency.  It is without reservation that I state I support Phase2 Advantage, Michael I. Kaplan, and its mission in providing quality training and services in cybersecurity worldwide to students in the technology workforce from entry-level to advanced positions.”

Wade S. Irvin
IT Operations Manager, E-Pay Australia

Testimonial 05 - LAC Group

“I have known and worked with Mr. Kaplan over the last decade, professionally and personally, both in my role as a recruitment / training executive within corporate settings and as a business owner of a firm which specializes in international recruiting, project and program management with clients in the private, academic and human resources workforce planning sector.  I wholeheartedly recommend the quality of the courses and materials which Phase2 Advantage develops and utilizes to deliver highly-successful engagements and outcomes.”

Lawrence A. Celli
President, LAC Group

Testimonial 07 - Military VETS

“The content in Phase2’s training material, its cohesiveness of thought, and the ability to transfer those thoughts into unique and practical learning tools is just one of the many things that sets Phase2 Advantage training apart from their competitors.  It is my professional opinion that Phase2 Advantage has the most comprehensive and skill-based development training platform in the industry. It is noteworthy that they did not stumble upon this accomplishment but did so with vision and thorough planning. With unyielding commitment to the highest standards they have become an example of leadership in the cybersecurity training industry.”

Joseph A. McCausland II
Founder, Military V.E.T.S.

Testimonial 08 - Periweb

“I had the opportunity to work on multiple projects with Michael Kaplan and Phase2 Advantage throughout the Caribbean (CARICOM) community. These projects required a deep understanding of cybersecurity, physical security, and delivering complex training.  The expertise of Phase2 Advantage executives, professional demeanor of the course instructors, a detailed understanding and knowledge of the regions’ culture, and hands-on cybersecurity training methods allowed the companies involved to complete the certification projects on time and prepared the students attending courses for a variety of cybersecurity positions in Trinidad in a highly-professional manner that exceeded the clients’ expectation.”

Garth P. Lezama
Enterprise Architect, Periweb

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