Customized Cybersecurity Courses

Customized Cybersecurity Training Courses

Phase2 Advantage will work with you to create a detailed assessment of your training needs, with a focus on your organizations’ culture and strategic plans.




Customized cybersecurity training enhances employees’ critical skills, develops new skills to fill gaps, and strengthens the performance and competitive advantage of the organization as a whole.  

Areas of Training Expertise

One size may not fit all, and off-the-shelf training does not always address the unique needs of the organization and its staff. Customized training, on the other hand, is all about efficiency and results. Listed below are the Phase2 Advantage areas of expertise from which specialized training programs can be created for your organization.

Service Level Agreements and Contracts
Incident Response and Remediation
Static and Dynamic Malware Triage
NICE Cybersecurity Framework
Digital Forensics and Analysis
Cryptography and Encryption

Network Defense and Countermeasures
Identity and Access Management
Cloud Architecture and Security
Risk Management Frameworks
Secure Network Architecture
Biometric Security Systems

Creating Testing Scenarios and Playbooks
Vulnerability Management Programs
Disaster Response and Recovery
Cybercrime and Investigations
IT Regulation and Compliance
Threat Intelligence Analysis

5 Top Benefits of Customized Training Programs

Most cybersecurity certification courses are “off-the-shelf” for a good reason: they are tied to a specific industry certification which requires a specific body of knowledge. However, for those students needing knowledge, not certification, these programs present a few disadvantages. The content may not be tailored to your organizations’ needs. The content may cover irrelevant topics, equating to wasted time and money. Students attending the training may not retain the material, as it is not specific to their work environment or daily responsibilities.

Additionally, customized training is comparatively more expensive, causing organizational leaders to question the costs. However, when the benefits of customized training solutions are fully considered, the initial costs are offset by the long-term ROI. A number of these benefits are listed below.

#1: No one understands your organizations’ needs more than you.

You know your organizations’ strengths, weaknesses, daily requirements, and strategic plans. You also know the training needs of your staff to meet current and future challenges. Your understanding will serve as the foundation for training that is 100% relevant and applicable.

#2: You want improved student motivation and engagement.

Customized training is relevant, timely, and entirely applicable. When training objectives are aligned with realistic scenarios, students tend to be much more enthusiastic and engaged. They also tend to better retain course content they will be utilizing as part of their daily environment and responsibilities.

#3: You want training aligned with organizational values, culture, and policies.

The best training, if misaligned with an organizations’ culture or policies, cannot be applied successfully. A customized training solution takes this tangible reality into account and incorporates it into tangible cybersecurity training.

#4: Training must support your organizations’ strategic and innovative vision.

Strategic planning information in any organization is proprietary and confidential in nature, and hopefully unknowable to the outside world. While that works well from an information security perspective, even the most qualified subject matter experts cannot foresee and predict an unknowable future. Customized training takes this reality into account, aligns its objectives with your organizations’ confidential strategic vision, and becomes a proprietary asset you control.

#5: You want an increased ability to measure effectiveness and performance.

Your partnership with Phase2 Advantage for the development of customized training increases your ability to accurately measure the effectiveness of the programs through relevant content, existing organizational KPI’s, and training assessments specifically tailored to your needs. The flexibility inherent to this collaborative process ensures as your needs change, so too will the training and the assessments to assess its impact.

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