Project Ares® Cyber Range

Cyber Range as a Service

Project Ares® provides individuals and organizations hands-on cyber training from anywhere, anytime. Security leaders and educators can scale training to meet cyber requirements and teaching goals.




Staying ahead of evolving threats help teams take proactive measures to protect and defend their organization, while strengthening their security posture and environment as a whole.  

Cyber Range Implementations

Academic Institutions

  • Students learn comprehensively through concept-driven games, Battle Rooms, and real-world scenario Missions.
  • Students learn pragmatically on cloud-based cyber ranges that emulate typical networks and simulate network traffic.
  • Students learn actively with  gamified elements like scoring, leaderboards, and chat features.

Enterprise Organizations

  • New-hires engage in conversation with in-game advisors for guided assistance through exercises to deepen learning.
  • Employees focus on the unique threats faced in business through tailored missions that reflect pertinent situations.
  • Supervisors assess prospective and existing professionals through user leaderboard metrics and milestones.

Government Agencies

  • Scalability, access, and ability to deploy on both classified and unclassified systems fills gaps in cyber readiness.
  • Gamification and AI-driven technologies enable cyber professionals to “train-as-they-fight” with real-time scenarios.
  • Track the knowledge and progress of individuals throughout their time in a unit to monitor and articulate proficiency.

Real-World Cyber Mission Scenarios

Project Ares Cyber Missions

Red Team Missions

Disable Botnet
Intercept Attack Plans
Stop Terrorist Financing
Manipulate Industrial Control System

Blue Team Missions

Respond to Ransomware
Stop Malicious Processes
Protect Financial Institution
Defend Against Web Attacks
Defend ICS / SCADA System
Power Grid Incident Response
Respond to Phishing and Exfiltration

Circadence Gold Partner
Phase2 Advantage is proud to be a Gold Partner with Circadence

Are You Ready for Training?

Our strategic partnership with Circadence, the developer of the Project Ares® cyber learning platform, provides our clients with the capability to utilize active learning models in corporate, government, and academic environments. This practical and advanced approach to experiential learning allows users to apply learned concepts immediately, minimize the cybersecurity skills gap, conduct real-time skills evaluation, and harden overall security postures.  Contact Phase2 Advantage for a demo of the Project Ares® Platform.

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