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Cybersecurity Defense and Operations

Organizations face ongoing threats to their information technology infrastructure on a daily basis. These security struggles need to be approached with modern techniques, a holistic view of security, and a diverse body of knowledge. With the proper tools and training, specialists in the Information Security and Cybersecurity fields will be much more capable of finding success within their roles. The Cybersecurity Defense and Operations course textbook brings cybersecurity core competencies to advanced levels with new concepts and traditional best practices.

Using 14 detailed chapters designed to align with academic calendars, students will be provided with the knowledge and context needed to successfully manage the security of their technical environments. Students will cover topics such as Cloud Security, Threat Intelligence Analysis, Vulnerability Management, Biometric Systems, Incident Response, Securing Systems with Cryptography, and the NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework. Immersive learning labs utilize the Project Ares® Cyber Range and Wireshark network protocol analyzer software.

Paperback: 336 Pages

ISBN-13: 978-1737352914

Instructor Resources

Training institutions that adopt the Cybersecurity Defense and Operations textbook for use in their course curricula may request corresponding instructor resources at no additional cost. These resources include lecture presentation slides, question text banks for each of the 14 chapters, and lab resource guides. For more information please contact Phase2 Advantage.

ADA Accessible Materials

All Phase2 Advantage digital course materials – including textbooks, lab guides, and lecture slides in PDF and PPT formats – are ADA accessible and score 100% on major Learning Management Systems such as Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas, and LearnUpon. For more information please contact Phase2 Advantage or visit our Higher Education page in this website.

Course Learning Objectives

  • CLO #01: Identify security technologies, risk management models, network and system defense methodologies, identity and access management practices, cryptographic protocols, and intrusion detection techniques.
  • CLO #02: Describe vulnerabilities and risks, threat intelligence collection techniques, digital evidence and investigations, network and host data collection methods, malware triage protocols, and incident response and remediation strategies.
  • CLO #03: Demonstrate network security techniques using labs and industry tools such as Wireshark network protocol analyzer, Linux Command Line Interface, Microsoft Administrative Command Prompt, and Microsoft PowerShell / PowerShell ISE (Integrated Scripting Environment).
  • CLO #04: Examine the principles and purpose of secure network architecture, architecture security frameworks, implementation of supporting security controls, zero trust network foundations and assertions, and identifying network baselines and anomalies.
  • CLO #05: Develop a business continuity strategy utilizing business impact analysis, disaster response and recovery planning, asset identification and valuation techniques, quantitative / qualitative analysis methods, and testing and evaluation goals which align to organizational objectives.
  • CLO #06: Evaluate cloud computing service models, architecture and security considerations, risks and threats posed to cloud services, regulatory and compliance requirements, cloud provider and customer responsibilities, and the structure of contracts and service level agreements.

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