International Partners Create a Unique Cybersecurity Graduate Program in Dubai

Phase2 Advantage and BUID Partnership

The British University in Dubai (BUiD) had the foresight to understand the United Arab Emirates and surrounding region needed a graduate program in cybersecurity which provided students much more than theory. The leadership envisioned an immersive curriculum based on experiential learning that would allow students to graduate with both degrees and certifications.

To accomplish this goal, the university partnered with Phase2 Advantage Cybersecurity in Savannah, Georgia and adopted the company’s certification content as its curriculum for the graduate courses. The university also arranged for Phase2 to provide the adjunct instructors to teach the courses in the program.

The university also partnered with Project Ares® Academy, an advanced and immersive cybersecurity lab platform that provides students with practical training in several skills. These labs will be used in all the Masters in Cybersecurity courses at The British University in Dubai.

The BUiD Masters in Cybersecurity program will launch on 12 September 2022. Watch the webinar below to find out more from Dr. Cornelius Ncube at BUiD who will oversee the graduate program, and Michael I. Kaplan from Phase2 Advantage Cybersecurity who will serve as the primary Adjunct Instructor for the launch of the graduate program’s first concentration track: Threat Intelligence Analysis.

For additional information regarding the Cyber Security Academy at The British University in Dubai, please see the links provided in the webinar slides or contact Dr. Cornelius at

Michael I. Kaplan is the founder and CEO of Phase2 Advantage, and currently manages the Content Development and Publishing initiatives of the company. He is also the Chairman of the Cyber Security Advisory Committee at Savannah Technical College. The publishing division of Phase2 Advantage creates cybersecurity textbooks and workbooks listed on Amazon, Ingram's VitalSource platform, and all major booksellers.

Michael's technical areas of specialization are Incident Response, Business Continuity / Disaster Response Planning, Information Security Management, and Digital / Network Forensics.

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