The Phase2 – VitalSource Partnership can Now Provide Cybersecurity Education to Millions of Students

Phase2 Advantage - VitalSource Partnership

Phase2 Advantage cybersecurity is pleased to announce an academic partnership between our publishing unit and VitalSource, a digital academic platform and an Ingram Content Group company. The partnership will enable Phase2 Advantage – currently providing cybersecurity training and academic resources to colleges and universities in 18 countries – to potentially expand practical, experiential, and immersive learning experiences to millions of new students in 240 countries and territories.

Founded in 1994, VitalSource is a leading education technology solutions provider committed to helping partners create, deliver, and distribute affordable, accessible, and impactful learning experiences worldwide.

As a recognized innovator in the digital course materials market, VitalSource is best known for partnering with thousands of publishers and institutions to deliver extraordinary learning experiences to millions of active users globally. Today, they are committed to delivering new, cutting-edge technologies designed to optimize teaching and learning for the 21st century.

VitalSource has the most extensive academic digital content catalog available in the cybersecurity market and are at the forefront in setting privacy and security standards to protect learners around the world.

They offer instant access to purchased publications, major savings on textbook editions provided through print resellers, and 24/7 customer support via phone, email, and chat. Their commitment to the student user experience was a major consideration for Phase2 Advantage when establishing this global partnership.

This cost effective and efficient delivery of cybersecurity course materials will also provide significant benefits to our international client universities and colleges. The ability to secure digital copies of textbooks for students immediately removes the fees and inconveniences of customs, import tariffs, value added taxes (VAT), and the potential for damaged or lost shipments.

With this publishing partnership in place, Phase2 Advantage will make the textbook titles listed below available immediately through the VitalSource academic platform. Sampling has been enabled for course instructors to review digital desk copies of these titles.  Click the links below to view the textbooks on the VitalSource platform.

Certified Threat Intelligence Analysis Manager: Course Workbook and Study Guide

Several new titles will be added to the VitalSource platform over the course of the next few months.  Please check your Bookshelf for content updates.

We would like to thank VitalSource and the Ingram Content Group for this amazing partnership opportunity and would also encourage educators teaching cybersecurity courses for their institutions to get to know this amazing platform if you haven’t already done so.

If you have any questions regarding VitalSource or the content of this blog article, please contact Phase2 Advantage via email at

Michael I. Kaplan is the founder and CEO of Phase2 Advantage, and currently manages the Content Development and Publishing initiatives of the company. He is also the Chairman of the Cyber Security Advisory Committee at Savannah Technical College. The publishing division of Phase2 Advantage creates cybersecurity textbooks and workbooks listed on Amazon, Ingram's VitalSource platform, and all major booksellers.

Michael's technical areas of specialization are Incident Response, Business Continuity / Disaster Response Planning, Information Security Management, and Digital / Network Forensics.

Feel free to contact Michael at