Cybersecurity: Where Economic Development and Stable Careers Align

COVID-19 has had a devastating impact over the last several months, negatively impacting our society on every level. The unemployment rate, while declining slightly in June, still exceeds 11%. Businesses of all sizes have experienced severe economic impacts, some of which will never open their doors again post-COVID. The number of personal tragedies and losses due to COVID-related deaths have yet to be fully calculated.

Yet in the midst of the chaos created by this healthcare crisis, practitioners in the field of cybersecurity have remained largely immune from the financial impact. In some instances, disciplines within Information Security as a whole have experienced periods of rapid growth and expansion.

Although nothing can change the wide range of negative impacts to date, the potential for a bright future remains for those workers displaced and/or unemployed by the COVID crisis.

Phase2 Advantage and the five campuses of Savannah Technical College have joined in a strategic partnership to provide both training and opportunity to citizens of The Low Country in preparation of the post-COVID environment. The goal of this partnership is to be part of a positive solution which addresses career stability, professional development, and economic development for the people and businesses residing and operating within the region.

Phase2 Advantage and Savannah Technical College will be offering numerous cybersecurity training programs beginning in August 2020. Due to COVID, the initial courses will be conducted as instructor-led programs, with classroom courses starting when the health crisis passes. The first two courses being offered in this strategic partnership are listed below.

The past, like any life experience, cannot be changed or undone. However, the future chapters in the “book of life experience” do not have to be dictated by the past, and can begun to be written at any time of one’s choosing.

It is our sincere hope that Phase2 Advantage and Savannah Technical College can contribute to many future stories and have a positive impact on the communities we serve.

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Michael I. Kaplan is the founder and CEO of Phase2 Advantage, and currently manages the Content Development and Publishing initiatives of the company. He is also the Chairman of the Cyber Security Advisory Committee at Savannah Technical College. The publishing division of Phase2 Advantage creates cybersecurity textbooks and workbooks listed on Amazon, Ingram's VitalSource platform, and all major booksellers.

Michael's technical areas of specialization are Incident Response, Business Continuity / Disaster Response Planning, Information Security Management, and Digital / Network Forensics.

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