Women’s Wednesday Weapon Safety Course

Womens Wednesday Weapon Safety Course

Phase2 Launches its First “Women Only” Firearm Course

On 12 JUL 2023, Phase2 Advantage will launch the first of 11 scheduled “Women’s Wednesday Weapon Safety” courses at the Richmond Hill Shooting Range in Bryan County, Georgia. This course is the result of several requests made by female patrons already training at the facility.  There are a number of reasons offering a course such as this makes sense.

Course Objectives

To expose women with limited or no experience to the safe handling of firearms with effective skills using proven techniques in an environment of their peers. Women face unique and shared circumstances when faced with street crime and personal defense. Additionally, some may feel uncomfortable in firearm classes that tend to be comprised of males. This “women only” course will instill a high degree of confidence and ensure the attendee is comfortable and qualified to attend more advanced levels of training when needed. Shared experience generates more relevant and synergistic training that benefits the training group as a whole.

A Low Pressure Environment with Learning as the Focus

In many cases, weapon training courses comprised of both male and female attendees tend to draw dominant and more experienced personalities to the surface.  This reality has the potential to create dynamics which are not optimal to learning.  There will be more than ample time to express competitive natures as the skill levels of those involved increase over time.   It is our opinion that during the initial stages of learning, dominant personalities and male/female rivalries do not serve the process well.

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Contact the Instructor for Additional Information

To find out more about discounts for multiple registrations, please contact Michael I. Kaplan, the course instructor, via the information listed below.

Michael I. Kaplan
(912) 244-0394

Direct Email

Michael I. Kaplan is the founder and CEO of Phase2 Advantage, and currently manages the Defensive Security initiatives of the company. He is a military veteran and a national advocate for the military affiliate community. After attending the U.S. Army’s Intelligence Center of Excellence at Fort Huachuca in Arizona in 1983, he attended the Defense Language Institute, Airborne School, several specialized Schools at FT. Bragg in North Carolina, and was assigned to the 11th Special Forces Group (AGR).

Michael was recruited in 1989 to Special Projects Group and served as an instructor and operator on a Federal International Fugitive Task Force (his FBI letters of reference can be viewed on his LinkedIn profile). He was responsible for supervising and training 325 agents who were responsible for more than 3,000 UFAP apprehensions in seven years. Michael left government service in 1994 to pursue a career in High-Threat Executive Protection as an instructor and operator, then founded Phase2 Advantage in 2014. His numerous Instructor firearm certifications are listed on the Phase2 Advantage website and LinkedIn.

Feel free to contact Michael at michael.kaplan@phase2advantage.com.