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Courses for Government Agencies

Cybersecurity for Government Agencies

Government agencies and our nations’ critical infrastructure depend on Information Technology systems to carry out operations and process essential data.




Risks are increasing and include insider threats, escalating and emerging threats from around the globe, and the emergence of new and more destructive attacks.  

Cybersecurity Courses for Law Enforcement

Cybersecurity Courses for Law Enforcement

The emerging threat of cybercrime poses unique challenges for law enforcement agencies throughout the United States. Although different methodologically from traditional crimes such as robbery or fraud, the realization that computer-based crimes have severe impacts in the tangible world is starting to dominate public consciousness. The threats posed by criminals in the digital space is increasing exponentially, and citizens will increasingly turn to law enforcement agencies when they are victimized. Phase2 Advantage wants to ensure these agencies can respond to these calls and are prepared to protect the vulnerable members of society who are victimized.

Elevated public awareness has resulted in increased funding for law enforcement agencies to engage the threat of cybercrime. Although encouraging, the lack of available training programs for local and state agencies has the potential to create barriers. We are responding by providing training programs for these agencies, removing the barriers, and proving the needed capabilities to address this threat.  Click the link below to view courses relevant to the law enforcement community.

Cybersecurity Courses for Military Affiliates

Cybersecurity Courses for Military Affiliates

Phase2 Advantage supports the military affiliate community, and actively encourages its members to pursue careers in cyber security. Our support of this community — Active Duty, Guard, Reserve, Retired or Veteran — is genuine. Our company does not take this position because it is trendy, fashionable, or a great public relations opportunity for marketing and sales. We hold firmly to the belief that when it comes to supporting our brothers and sisters in uniform, it is an absolute obligation.

All cybersecurity training courses offered by Phase2 Advantage provide a high level of value for students. However, there are specific courses are particularly relevant to the Military Affiliate Community, as they support training requirements for the DOD 8140 (Baseline Certifications for Information Assurance). If you are a military affiliate from any branch of service, we invite you to explore cybersecurity as a career choice. With over 500,000 job vacancies waiting to be filled by qualified applicants in the US alone, the opportunities for a great future are virtually endless.

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