Building an Intelligence Team: The SOCIAL Perspective

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We know building intelligence teams is the result of several processes. The two we’re covering as they relate to our considerations are cognitive processes and social processes.

The reason we’re discussing these perspectives is because intelligence team dynamics, especially within the cybersecurity culture, have several challenges. We have moved away from direct hire and into contracting team members. The contracts tend to be short-term and force the team member to focus on self-performance.

It’s this contracting culture that makes the cognitive perspective so prevalent in our industry.  And it’s this “TRY BEFORE YOU BUY” mindset of hiring managers that makes the social perspective much harder to establish within the intelligence team.

When you’re looking at an intelligence team from a social perspective, it focuses on the importance of collegial interactions to competently assess data. It also focuses on managing relationships with everyone involved on the team. We see it as the hive, we see it as the collective, where everyone has something to contribute, where diversity makes us stronger. 

Building an Intelligence Team: The SOCIAL Perspective

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