Avoiding Risks When Handling Malware Samples

Malware triage and handling is a risky undertaking that should be performed by trained specialists in the proper environment and only when necessary. Analysis of unknown files and known malware both pose significant risks. Investigators can unknowingly infect their systems—and the systems of others—and cause extensive damage.

All our cybersecurity courses are 14 chapters which contain 96 Key Knowledge Points for viewers to learn, understand, and apply. Of course, that level of content would far exceed that which can be presented in short, focused YouTube videos.

We’ve chosen to present 7 Key Knowledge Points for our “Malware Tips and Tips” video that we believe are critical to the topic, no matter what role cybersecurity personnel play in the process. Even if you’re not directly involved in this aspect of Incident Response, having a command of this knowledge will allow the viewer to help members of the team.

The 7 topics fall under the broader malware categories of Handling, Documenting, Storing, and Access known malicious files and include:

1. Use Standard Best-Practices with Proven Success
2. Be Specific when Documenting Malware Findings
3. Handling Risky Files Requires Good Communication
4. Distributing Malware can Cause Unknown Risks
5. The Choices of Static and Dynamic Analysis
6. Automated Analysis: Third-Party Sandboxes
7. The Risks of Using Third-Party Sandboxes

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