The Reasons We Favor the HK VP9 Handgun

There are many well-established firearm manufacturers that produce products of superior quality. We’ve sampled most of them. When the Physical Security Team at Phase2 Advantage in Savannah, Georgia had to select a firearm for the team, we chose the HK VP9 as our handgun of choice.

We knew our security personnel would be carrying this weapon concealed – our Executive Protection mission and time in corporate environments make concealment a requirement – so the factors which drove this decision were based on this need.

The HK VP9 won the contest based on the 5 benefits presented in the video. These included:

1. A thin profile for a double stack – only 1.32” wide – leaves a low imprint on corporate attire.
2. Weight: the heaviness of solid construction reduces felt recoil considerably.
3. The safety trigger is smooth and manageable (4.5-5.5 pounds).
4. Easy disassembly: breakdown in seconds for cleaning with no special tools or effort
5. Multiple magazine choices: 10-17-20. We use the 17+1 with two back-ups.

NOTE TO VIEWERS: Phase2 Advantage is NOT an agent of HK, nor do we have any vested or financial interest in Heckler & Koch. All opinions expressed in this video are solely those of Michael I. Kaplan, the founder of the company.

Phase2 Advantage is a Cyber and Physical Security consulting and training company based in Savannah, Georgia (USA).  For more information on firearm training classes or to speak with one of our instructors, please contact Phase2 Advantage via the information provided below.

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Michael I. Kaplan is the founder and CEO of Phase2 Advantage, and currently manages the Defensive Security initiatives of the company. He is a military veteran and a national advocate for the military affiliate community. After attending the U.S. Army’s Intelligence Center of Excellence at Fort Huachuca in Arizona in 1983, he attended the Defense Language Institute, Airborne School, several specialized Schools at FT. Bragg in North Carolina, and was assigned to the 11th Special Forces Group (AGR).

Michael was recruited in 1989 to Special Projects Group and served as an instructor and operator on a Federal International Fugitive Task Force (his FBI letters of reference can be viewed on his LinkedIn profile). He was responsible for supervising and training 325 agents who were responsible for more than 3,000 UFAP apprehensions in seven years. Michael left government service in 1994 to pursue a career in High-Threat Executive Protection as an instructor and operator, then founded Phase2 Advantage in 2014. His numerous Instructor firearm certifications are listed on the Phase2 Advantage website and LinkedIn.

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