Foundation of Marksmanship


Foundation of Marksmanship


Foundations of Firearm Marksmanship Skills

Location: Richmond Hill Shooting Range, 803 Kilkenny Road, Richmond Hill, Georgia 31324

Date(s): Please see our Course Calendar for training dates (all are Saturday courses)

Prerequisite(s): Introduction to Defensive Firearm Deployment

Time(s): 8:45 am – 1:00 PM

Instructor: Michael I. Kaplan

Phone: +1.912.244.0394 (Direct Dial Mobile)

Course Fee: $500 (Reserve / Book Your Training)

Payment Method(s): Credit Card, Corporate Check

Class Size: Limited to 8 students

Format(s): Indoor Classroom, Outdoor Classroom, and Shooting Range

Course Objective

To expand on the introductory skills presented in the first course of this proficiency series. Attendees will be exposed to concepts designed to enhance their marksmanship abilities and further develop their confidence levels when required to engage range targets. These training concepts will include techniques to improve grip, handgun stability, sight picture and alignment, visual target acquisition methods, trigger manipulation, proper draw procedures (holstered), reloading techniques, and loading / reloading the weapon to maintain safe range conditions.

Contact the Instructor for Additional Information

To find out more about our training programs, group classes, and group discounts, please contact Michael I. Kaplan, the course instructor, via the information listed below.

Michael I. Kaplan
(912) 244-0394

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