Precision Firearm Marksmanship II


Precision Marksmanship Skills II


Precision Firearm Marksmanship, Intermediate Level II

Location: Richmond Hill Shooting Range, 803 Kilkenny Road, Richmond Hill, Georgia 31324

Date(s): Please see our Course Calendar for training dates (all are Saturday courses)

Prerequisite(s): Precision Firearm Marksmanship, Intermediate Level I

Time(s): 8:45 am – 1:00 PM

Class Size: Limited to 8 students

Format(s): Indoor Classroom, Outdoor Classroom, and Shooting Range

Course Description (Website):

Course Objective:

To expose attendees with limited experience to the handling firearms with the effective skills using proven techniques; ensure the safe handling of weapons remains at the core of all shooting skills; provide a solid understanding of Georgia firearm laws; basic disassembly and reassembly of the firearm for cleaning and maintenance purposes; instill a high degree of confidence in the attendee at all levels of proficiency; and, to ensure the attendee is comfortable and qualified to attend more advanced levels of training when needed.

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Michael I. Kaplan
(912) 244-0394

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