Avoiding Risks When Handling Malware Samples

Malware triage and handling is a risky undertaking that should be performed by trained specialists in the proper environment and only when necessary. Analysis of unknown files and known malware both pose significant risks. Investigators can unknowingly infect their systems—and the systems of others—and cause extensive damage.

Cyber Incident Response

Cyber Incident Response and Remediation Strategies Watch this short video on our self-study Incident Response cyberecurity course. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXpLHTi8t-s Course Chapter Outline 01: The Incident Response and Attack Life Cycles02: Understanding the Modern Threat Landscape03: Creating an Effective Incident Response Capability04: Investigative Preparation and Implementation05: Vulnerability Assessment and Management06: Identifying Network and System Baselines07: Indicators of…