Tour the Firearm Training Facility

Tour the Firearm Training Facility Click the graphic below to take a brief video tour of the course training facility. Richmond Hill WMA Shooting Range803 Kilkenny RoadRichmond Hill, Georgia 31324(678) 879-3423 Training Center Overview The Richmond Hill Shooting Range is located on Richmond Hill Wildlife Management Area in Bryan County, Georgia. It is a…

Would YOU Train at the Shooting Range NAKED?

Would YOU Train at the Shooting Range NAKED?

This video provides the viewer with considerations that impact our draw, fire, engage, and assessment of the target. It also applies those considerations to tactical reloading of the handgun in real-world environments. This minor skill addition to your firearm engagement practice can have a major impact on the outcome. Win, and you and those you protect live. Lose, and the outcome has the potential to change drastically.

Firearm Classes

Personal and Defensive Firearm Training Watch this short video introducing Phase2 defensive firearm training. TRAINING LEVELS Basic / Intermediate INSTRUCTOR-LED Supervised Range COURSE SCHEDULE Per Student Need COURSE FEE $600 COURSE DURATION 4-Hour Training Sessions Basic Firearm Training (Personal and Defensive) Universal rules of firearm safety and weapon handling Breakdown, cleaning, and reassembly of the…