Phase2 Advantage Training Philosophy

Phase2 Advantage Training Philosophy

Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Reality

Training organizations do an outstanding job of providing students attending courses with information they should know to pass a knowledge assessment exam. Additionally, these organizations strive to ensure their students obtain a measure of subject matter expertise within the discipline they are presenting.

However, many students have difficulty applying textbook knowledge presented in lectures to the real-world environments they operate in daily. This holds true even when certification courses include preformatted labs. While they provide a measure of “hands on” training, they tend to be very specific and task-oriented and tend not to address the broader base of potential application of the knowledge.

Our experience has reinforced a recognition that this “Theory vs. Reality” disconnect exists on a wide scale, and our training philosophy has been developed to acknowledge this disconnect and bridge this gap when possible. In response to this reality, our instructors include dozens of training hours above and beyond that which would be required to successfully pass the certification exam.

If the student enjoys the training experience, scores well on the exam, and walks away with an earned credential – but cannot apply the knowledge gained on their first day back to work – their time and their employers’ money have been wasted.

Providing students with this level of experiential knowledge serves to bridge the gap between classroom theory and operational reality. Additionally, it lays a solid foundation for students by providing them with practical skills they need to know and can apply their first day back at work. Our goal is to have students leave our training courses both credentialed and prepared.

It has been said that “experience can be defined as that knowledge you gain the moment after you need it the most.” We prefer our students possess that knowledge in advance, the time they truly need it the most.

Michael I. Kaplan

Founder and CEO
Phase2 Advantage

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