Cybersecurity Training Seminars

Cybersecurity Training Seminars

Phase2 Advantage develops cybersecurity training seminars for clients based on specific needs that are conveniently conducted at the clients’ location of choice.




By investing in employee cybersecurity training seminars, you can assure your clients and stakeholders that they are getting the best and most secure service.  

Phase2 Advantage Cybersecurity Training Seminars

There are some industries in which information becomes obsolete very quickly, and cybersecurity remains at the top of the list. Cybersecurity impacts every facet of every organization, every employee, virtually every day. The threats faced by organizations – and those employees that staff them – are increasing exponentially with no foreseeable end in sight.

Phase2 Advantage training seminars ensure your employees are always up to the current standards of the Information Technology industry. An investment in employees is an investment in the employer-employee relationship. Not only does investing in employee’s skill set create a bond of loyalty and trust, it also demonstrates an interest in developing them further and helping them meet their goals.

Popular Cybersecurity Seminar Topics

One size may not fit all, and extended courses do not always address the unique time constraints of the organization and its staff. Customized training seminars, on the other hand, are all about efficiency, economy, and results. Listed below are the Phase2 Advantage areas of expertise from which specialized training seminars can be created for your organization.

How to Identify a Compromised Computer
Social Engineering and Manipulation
Enhancing Mobile Device Security
Defending Against Data Beaches
Avoiding Social Media Scams

Malicious Email and Phishing Campaigns
Common Malware and Ransomware
Safe Computing and Web Surfing
Cyber Hygiene and Awareness
Creating Secure Passwords

Remote Workstation Security Practices
Protecting Against Public Wi-Fi Risks
Online Bullying and Cyber-Stalking
Avoiding Online Identity Theft
Online Scams and Fraud

The Top 3 Benefits of Training Seminars

Specialized Knowledge from Industry Experts

Phase2 Advantage seminars are taught by highly specialized and knowledgeable instructors. Few other methods of instruction offer the same chance to hear the opinions of experts in the field of cybersecurity, or opportunities to ask those same experts for input on your facility’s specific challenges.

A High Level of Focus and Intensity

Seminars provide enormous amounts of information over the course of one or two days, making them well-suited to employees who do not have time to take extended courses. The detailed focus requires employees to take notes and come to each day’s talk prepared to absorb as much information as possible and allows employees a chance to gain a large amount of knowledge in a short amount of time.

A Boost in Enthusiasm and Productivity

In addition to building morale (and sometimes acting as a reward for exceptional personnel), seminar attendance can leave employees recharged and with a renewed sense of purpose after immersing themselves in work-specific topics. Higher productivity and employee enthusiasm are often unexpected benefits of training seminars.

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