Women's Wednesday Weapon Safety, Specialty Level IV

Womens Wednesday Weapon Safety

Location: Richmond Hill Shooting Range, 803 Kilkenny Road, Richmond Hill, Georgia 31324

Date(s): Please see our Course Calendar for training dates (all are Wednesday courses)

Prerequisite(s): None (this is an entry-level course for “women only

Time(s): 8:45 am – 1:00 PM

Instructor: Michael I. Kaplan

Phone: +1.912.244.0394 (Direct Dial Mobile)

Course Fee: $400 (Reserve / Book Your Training) / Save 50% when booking two attendees

Payment Method(s): Credit Card, Corporate Check

Class Size: Limited to 12 students

Format(s): Indoor Classroom, Outdoor Classroom, and Shooting Range

Course Objectives

To expose women with limited or no experience to the safe handling of firearms with skills using proven techniques in an environment of their peers. Women face unique and shared circumstances when faced with street crime and personal defense. Additionally, some may feel uncomfortable in firearm classes that tend to be comprised of males. This “women only” course will instill a high degree of confidence and ensure the attendee is comfortable and qualified to attend more advanced levels of training when needed.

Required Equipment and Supplies

The attendee is required to provide their choice of handgun (under 50 caliber), ear protection, eye protection, clothing suitable for conditions of the range, and 50 rounds of target ammunition appropriate for the handgun.  The brand and the manufacturer is the choice of the attendee (eye glasses are fine).  For this introductory course, the firearm may be stored and carried in either a holster or a firearm case.  The range and the instructor will provide any additional equipment to conduct training in the classroom and on the range.

General Daily Training Itinerary

The exact details of the course itinerary will differ depending on the course and training objectives but will follow the format below and always incorporate “comfort breaks” for the attendees:

  1. 0845 – 0900: Attendee arrival, range sign in, class introductory session, and issuing of required course handouts (when needed)
  2. 0900 – 0930: Universal and Range Safety Briefing, equipment and supply safety check
  3. 0930 – 1030: Training Session 01, indoor and/or range classroom-based skills objectives
  4. 1030 – 1130: Training Session 02, range-based skills objectives
  5. 1130 – 1215: Practical Skills Assessment (marksmanship skill assessments will not impact successful course completion)
  6. 1215 – 1230: Range maintenance, shooting station clean-up, attendees return to classroom
  7. 1230 – 1300: Training debriefing and evaluation, question and answer period, course certificates issued, networking

Contact the Instructor for Additional Information

To find out more about discounts for multiple course registration for this women’s only course, please contact Michael I. Kaplan, the course instructor, via the information listed below.

Michael I. Kaplan
(912) 244-0394

Direct Email

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